What are Life Circles?

We believe life is best lived in circles, more than rows. Human beings are designed for relationship.  We thrive when we are part of a caring, supportive community. Yet, it can be really hard to find that kind of community, right?

Life Circles are great places to make friends.  They are gatherings of about 8-15 people who meet regularly to care for and support one another.

While each group is unique, they share much in common.  Each group is facilitated by a trained leader.  The group will take time to read the Bible and discuss applying faith to our everyday lives.  There are opportunities for prayer and connecting with God.  Group members care for another too.  Most groups will also take time to serve others in some way on a regular basis.  There are always refreshments, and some groups might even share a meal together.

Our life circles are relaxed and relational.  They are a great place to make some new friends.  They’re also a great way to encourage us as we take steps to follow Jesus.

If you’d like more information about finding a group, click here.