Spiritual Direction

The aim of Spiritual Direction is to cultivate a greater sensitivity to the presence and action of God in people’s lives, and to assist them in making a fuller response to it.

One of our goals at the Renaissance Vineyard Church is to help you “aim” your life towards Jesus, the center. Spiritual direction provides a regular opportunity for you to focus on how God is active in your life and how you are responding. This usually leads to a greater appreciation of Godʼs love and a desire to love God in return. This also often provides you with greater clarity of how God might be leading you to adjust the trajectory of your life in order to be more oriented towards Jesus.

Spiritual direction is a one-on-one ministry which developed in the church during the 3rd century. Its primary goal is to help one hear Godʼs voice and perceive Godʼs action in ones day-to-day life. This normally involves talking about one’s experience of God in personal and corporate prayer and worship. But it can often include every other aspect of one’s life as we presume that God is present and active in all aspects of life. God is calling us in a particular direction and is communicating direction to us. It is not the job of the spiritual director to tell you what Godʼs direction for your life is. But it can be quite helpful to have someone to talk to in a safe, private non-judgmental context.

Talking with a spiritual director can help you decide whether certain feelings or thoughts are from God or not and help you decide to follow those leadings or resist them. Sometimes we doubt experiences which might be from God or think that we are strange in some way. Sometimes we doubt that God is listening to us or even cares about us. Spiritual direction provides a safe place to talk about these experiences and these doubts. All conversations are private and confidential. Spiritual directors are under the supervision of the pastoral staff.

To get connected with a spiritual director or to ask further questions, please email: spiritualdirection@renvc.com