Our Beliefs

Jesus is at the center of our church.

Its our conviction that Jesus reveals to us what it means to be authentically human, someone living the abundant, thriving life that God designed us for.  A life characterized by love, joy, peace, an unhurried sense of presence, gratitude, humor, creativity and more.  Jesus also reveals to us what God is like – his passion for beauty, justice, compassion, truth and more.

Our community is made up of people coming from all kinds of backgrounds.  Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, and others, not to mention those from other religious backgrounds and those with no religious affiliation whatsoever.  What holds us together is our common commitment to Jesus, our love for one another, and our commitment to bless the people of our city.

Along with other Vineyard churches around the United States, we value being a reconciling community, reaching out in compassionate service, doing ministry in ways that are relevant to the real world around us, experiencing the presence of God, and allowing our thinking and actions to be shaped by the Kingdom of God that Jesus demonstrated and proclaimed.

If you’d like to learn more about these values, along with our beliefs, please visit the Vineyard USA’s website here.